Networking Solutions

Computer networks having shrunk physical distances and with the internet reducing the world to a global village, establishing efficient networks is number one on the priority list for every organisation.

Although there exist lots of software tools and utilities for right-sizing networks, choosing such tools and implementing them optimally requires expertise and by itself, is knowledge-driven. This is where Textron 's vast experience in the field of Networking solutions is of immense value to customers.

Textron broadly classifies its services in this area as Networking and Network Management solutions, and has dedicated teams for each. The Networking team comprises professionals with extensive work experience in TCP/IP socket programming, SNA and client-server architectures.

Network Management team members have in-depth understanding of the network management concepts, and have customised management solutions using SNMP, RMON and CMIS protocols. Expertise is also available in HP OpenView, Netview 6000 and user interface systems like X-Windows, MOTIF and UIM/X.

This group has overall proficiency in areas like Unix/C, MFC, BC++, VC++. Visual Basic, Macro Assembler and databases like Oracle and Ingress, which are applicable across all development activities.

Textron has over 120 person-years of experience in the Networking area, some of the large projects executed being:

  • Comprehensive network management system,
  • A middle-ware product with multi-tier architecture
  • Network Management and Delivery Platform
  • Network Management Solutions
  • Element Manager for a leading NW Peripheral Manufacturer

Textron can offer Networking services like Network Planning, Design of Networks, Management, control and operations, Performance optimization, Backup & disaster recovery planning and Network Audit.