Data Warehousing / Data Mining

Enterprises typically have plenty of data about their customers, products, and sales orders in different disparate systems. The data could provide significant competitive advantage if it could all be pulled together into valuable information that can lead an organization to improved decision making and greater profits. Data warehousing presents the possibility of linking employees, business partners and customers into an information supply chain resulting in reduced costs, enterprise productivity gains, and better, well-informed decisions.

A data warehouse to transform the data to powerful information requires techniques, approaches and project controls that differ significantly from more traditional system development. Textron can offer expertise in determining the type of data warehouse solution required, the readiness of the organization to implement the solution, to understand business requirements and to translate them to solutions that deliver business intelligence.

Textron can build a data warehouse, which will support the following :

  • Churn Analysis, Trend Analysis and What-if Analysis
  • High-level "Dashboard" Analysis
  • Graphical representation of data to improve visualization
  • Easy access to detailed data
  • Guided analysis of summarized, aggregated data along a series of dimensions (time, product, geography, etc.)
  • Trending, Slicing, Rotation or Pivoting, Drill-down, Drill-through of data
  • Exploratory analysis for expert analysts and statisticians
  • Discover hidden patterns, trends, relationships, and predictive indicators

Textron is a Systems Integration Partner of Microstrategy and is uniquely poised to bring the best of Microstrategy's suite of business intelligence products with its own system integration expertise.

In a scenario where all enterprises are turning to the web to provide better customer interaction and service, Textron offers complete Business Intelligence Solutions & can demonstrate tangible pay back through effective integration of e-Commerce, CRM and ERP with the data warehouse. Textron has an existing framework for Data Warehouse / Decision Support System and has proven expertise in the following areas for enabling Data Warehouse with Web, ERP and CRM:

  • Many OLAP products to expedite implementation
  • e-business and Internet based solutions
  • Deploying corporate portals
  • ERP application design and implementation.